Good night- Buona notte

(EN)Sometimes at night you can not sleep: purity and beauty of flowers and nature as lullaby 🙂

(IT)A volte la notte non si riesce a dormire :la purezza e bellezza dei fiori e della natura come ninna nanna 🙂


2 thoughts on “Good night- Buona notte

  1. this is an amazing video – technology amazes me – to think that we have the tech to record this – WOW>
    and well, the beauty of flowers and music also amazes me – and this video was in fact relaxing as you noted. wonderful. 🙂


    1. (EN)I had not thought directly to technology, but it is true that it would not be possible without it neither the video nor our blogs.When I posted it,I thought of that need for those sweet dreams, serene and beautiful things that each of us perhaps sometimes tries to get to sleep. Thanks for your “like” 🙂
      (IT)Non avevo pensato direttamente alla tecnologia,ma è proprio vero che non sarebbe possibile senza di essa nè il video,nè in fondo i nostri pensiero è stato a quel bisogno di quei sogni d’oro,cose belle e serene che ognuno di noi forse cerca a volte per riuscire a dormire. Grazie per l’apprezzamento 🙂


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