Someone sleeps- Qualcuno dorme

(EN)I write when someone is sleeping, I sleep when someone writes to me.
Funny  world 😉
(IT)Quando io scrivo qualcuno sta dormendo, quando io dormo qualcuno mi scrive.
Buffo il mondo 😉

2 thoughts on “Someone sleeps- Qualcuno dorme

  1. well I just had the chance to go through the videos and wow!!!! what a collection – so amazing – and such a creative post! this has that global -cultural feel that is absolutely wonderful.
    muy bueno (SP) 😉 très bon (FR) haha
    can;t do anymore languages – but two thumbs up my friend. –

  2. (EN)Thanks multilingual blogger 😉
    Appreciation sometimes make us reborn who we really are.Thanks again.
    (IT)Grazie blogger poliglotta 😉
    Gli apprezzamenti a volte fanno rinascere chi siamo davvero. Grazie ancora.

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