3 Basket-Cestino

(EN)“Festina lente” (latin): hurry up slowly.Ancient wisdom 😉
(IT)“Festina lente”(latino): affrettati lentamente. Saggezza antica 😉


4 thoughts on “3 Basket-Cestino

    • (EN)Wow! Thanks a lot for your appreciation.I’m simply myself and nothing else.Maybe your taste is close to mine,I don’t know.Really really thanks for your comment.Have a nice day Y 🙂
      (IT) Wow! Grazie molte per il tuo apprezzamento. Sono semplicemente me stessa e nient’altro.Forse il tuo gusto è vicino al mio,non lo so.Davvero davvero grazie per il tuo commento.Buona giornata Y 🙂

      • oh I would definitely say we have very similar tastes in so many things – and from comments you left on sreejith’s work – well I know we like the same stuff there too! ha! anyhow, hope you have a great day too -and that you are feeling well this week (cheesy – but I am gonna say it – ❤ hugs <3) okay, now I am outta here….

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