P not P -P non P

(EN) “P” of past and “P” of present are not the same “P”…a present thought mine 😉

(IT) “P” di passato e “P” di presente non sono la stessa “P”…un pensiero presente il mio 😉


3 thoughts on “P not P -P non P

  1. And a present thought of mine is to say P for pause and to hello to sweet forthemo!
    Sending hugs and think of you still whenever I hear “maybe tomorrow”
    – peace (another P thought)

    • (EN) Thanks a lot sweet Yvette 😊 ….same to you!!!…Yes,”maybe tomorrow” here…Forthemo didn’t stop the path of life,beauty, art etc 😉…it’s simply not visible here .Take care 😊

      (IT) Molte grazie dolce Yvette 🙂 …lo stesso a te!!!…Si, “maybe tomorrow” forse domani qui…Forthemo nn ha fermeto il sentiero di vita,bellezza,arte ecc 😉… é semplicemente non visibile qui .Bacioni 😊

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