(EN)” H”…Hope….that song that walks with us😉

(IT) “S”…Speranza…quella canzone che cammina con noi 😉


3 thoughts on “H-S

  1. WHAt a beautiful voice Mandy has-
    And now I know the Italian word for hope is speranza –
    Thanks for this soothing music and hope you are having a nice month of September – ☀️🌺

    • (EN) Thanks Y! Same wish to you 😊. You are right “speranza” means “hope”….keep it 😉. Have a nice day
      (IT) Grazie Y! Lo stesso augurio a te 😊.Si “speranza” é la parola italiana per “hope”….mantienila 😉. Buona giornata

      • well I smiled to read your comment today – and the reason is because when i see the nickname “Y” – it brings back memories of my earlier blogging days – or just bloggers from a certain phase of my blogging – if that makes sense…. and so now as I am in another new phase (you know how it is as we move along) well only certain blog friends call me Y – and you are one of the handful…. it also makes me miss a couple of folks who have disappeared (like Kan and the Doobs) but maybe they will remerge someday as missing bloggers tend to do at times….

        anyhow, keeping the hope – grazie – and wishing you a nice Sunday…..

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