(EN) Money makes the world go around…yes yes,of course…but money is not “humane” 😉

(IT) Il denaro fa girare il mondo…si si, certo…ma non è”umano” 😉


20 Return to myself- Ritorno a me stessa

(EN)Watching the time is a trick: speed of sand is not speed of music … yet they are the same time.
(IT)Guardare il tempo inganna: la velocitá della sabbia non è la velocitá della musica….eppure sono lo stesso tempo

Stench of life- Lezzo di vita ;-P


The art of slander is like a gentle breeze.
. .
That imperceptibly, lightly, sweetly
Begins with a whisper.
First, a single word. . . Begins the
Softly at first. . . Gaining strength.
It travels through the countryside
buzzing along.
From ear to ear it cleverly infects each
Swirling around the head, growing
stronger with each day.
Innuendo grows into gossip.
Gossip turns to scandal.
It stops for nothing, and is impossible to
Until, like a storm in the forest,
pounding, crashing it bursts from
the mouth producing an explosion
Like a shot from a cannon!
A tumult that shakes the heavens!
And the wretch who is slandered. . .
Humiliated. . .like a worm,
Beneath the heel of the people
Slithers out of town!